Anderson of Northfield

The Anderson Collection



David Anderson (1707) (*)

Mary Mitchelson (*)

David Anderson (1750) (**)

Christian Findlay

John Anderson 1754-1818

Janet Mitchelson

Robert Anderson (1762)

Janet Harriet Stewart

Anne Findlay Anderson (1789)

David Anderson (1791)

Warren Hastings Anderson (1796)

Mary Dewar (1794) (*)

Adam Anderson (1797)

John Anderson (1799)

Francis Anderson (1804)

Eleanora Anne Anderson (1829)

Charlotte Anderson (1831)

David Marray Anderson (1834)

James Warren Hastings Anderson (1836)

Anna Anderson (1841)

Robert Warren Hastings Anderson (1875)

Donald Marshall Anderson (1911)

Elizabeth Georgiana Poyntz (1912)

Hugh Stainton Poyntz

William Poyntz & Amber

Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire

Rev. Thomas Findlay

David Findlay (*)

Dick Lauder / Mitchell Innes Miniatures

Cornelia Dick Lauder (1816-)

George Dick Lauder (1820-)

Julie Jane and Madalina Dick-Lauder (1823-1911 & 1825-)

Thomas Lauder Mitchell Innes (1842-1882)

Christina Mitchell-Innes (1843-1902)

George Seton and children

James Seton

Lady Elcho (*)

James Dewar (1725)

Margaret "Peggy" Murray

Warren Hastings (*)

Vice Admiral Edward Brace

Sir Thomas Hay of Alderston

Sir John Hay 6th Bart. of Haystoun

Henrietta Grant

Gen. Sir George Don K.B. K.H.

William Don

Katherine Don

Maria Murray

Jane Naesmyth

Elleanor Naesmyth

James Naesmyth (1638) (*)

Sir James Naesmyth - 1st Bart. (*)

Lady Naesmyth (Barbara Pringle) (*)

Sir James Naesmyth - 2nd Bart. (*)

Lady Naesmyth (Murray) (*)

Children of St. Germains

Harriet Christine Countess de Vogue

Porridge Bowl

Charles Edward Stuart (1720)

Willow Tree & Burn at Reluges

Willow Tree & Burn at Reluges - reverse

Old Mill - Alex Nasmyth

Alex Nasmyth painting

Brigands attacking Waggon

Battlepiece #1

Battlepiece #2

Morning Tide

Road to the Isles

Glen Coe

Side Farm, Patterdale

(*) Ignore the asterix - it means something, but not relevant to most