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James Geoffrey and Gertrude Mildred Aynscough 2014 Gift Picture
The History of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1790-1820 2014 Purchased Books
The History of Parliament: The House of Commons, 1509-1558 2014 Purchased Books
White Tie and Decorations 2014 Purchased Book
The Battle Abbey Roll 2014 Purchased Books
The Pitman Family 2013 Gift Book
Redicovering Acton Court and the Poyntz Family 2011 Gift Book
The Owners of Newark Park 2011 Gift Book
Acton Court: The evolution of an early Tudor courtier's house 2011 Gift Book
They came with the Conqueror 2011 Purchased Book
John Poyntz 2010 Purchased Sketch
Sir Nicholas Poyntz 2010 Purchased Oil
Sketch of Bourhouse 2010 Discovered amongst family papers Sketch
1842 Pencil sketch of St Germains by Janet Harriet Stewart 2009 Discovered amongst family papers. Sketch
3rd Bt Sir James Naesmyth 2009 Oil photographed at Bath and reproduced Print
Cross at Iron Acton (Poyntz) 2008 Purchased Engraving
Philiphaugh House (Murray) 2008 Purchased Engraving
Hugh Stainton Poyntz (father of Elizabeth Georgiana Poyntz)
A5 reproduction from 1907 cigarette card.
2008 Purchased Drawing
9 of 1830s letters to Warren Hastings Anderson (1796-1875) 2008 Donated by David Shaw old letters (eBay id: sutherlandladdie) Letters
William Poyntz & Amber 2008 Purchased Picture
History of the Duke of York's Royal Military School 1803-1934 2007 Purchased Book
Clifford Castle (family in 1100s) 2007 Purchased Engraving
Cowdray House (W S Poyntz) 2007 Purchased Engravings
4th Bt Sir John Murray Naesmyth 2007 Identified within collection  
H S Poyntz cigarette card (1907) 2007 Purchased Paper
Warren Hastings by Keith Feiling 2007 Purchased Book
Warren Hastings & British India by Penderel Moon 2007 Purchased Book
Reminiscences or 32 yrs Military, Naval & Constabulary Service
By Major W H Poyntz (father of H S Poyntz)
2007 Purchased Book
Naesmyth of Posso family tree 2007 Donated by William Naesmyth of Posso Picture
Poyntzfield, The story of a pioneer family 2007 Purchased Book
The Trial of Warren Hastings 2007 Purchased Engraving
Harriet Christine Countess de Vogue 2007 Discovered amongst family papers Medallion
Janet Anderson (nee Mitchelson) of Inchyra 2007 Purchased Portrait
David Anderson (1750) by Richard Cosway 2007 Discovered / Identified within collection Miniature
A Lawful Union 2006 Gift Book
The Tweeddale Shooting Club 2006 Purchased Book
John Anderson, Viscount Waverley 2006 Purchased Book
(William Makepeace) "Sylhet" Thackeray 2006 Purchased Book
The Scottish Nation 2006 Purchased Books (3)
Signed receipt for David Anderson's 1797 portrait by Henry Raeburn 2006 Discovered amongst family papers Paper
Adam Anderson (1797-1853) - Lord Advocate 2006 Purchased Engraving
King Charles Tower 2006 Purchased Engraving
General Sydenham Poyntz 2006 Purchased Engraving
Charles I 2006 Purchased Engraving
Duchess of Devonshire (Georgiana Spencer) 2006 Purchased Miniature
John Anderson (1799-1862) 2005 Long term loan from Anderson Starthern WS Drawing
Francis Anderson (1804-1855) 2005 Long term loan from Anderson Starthern WS Drawing
Anderson's Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum Scotiae Thesaurus 2004 Purchased Book